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Our chef and owner, Pat Riggins, has spent his lifelong career cooking high-quality food at some of Ottawa’s top hotels. When the pandemic hit, we wanted to share Pat’s love of cooking with our local community here in Ottawa.  RFB was then born.  As a father of 4 daughters, yes, you read that right… FOUR daughters, Pat understands the pressure most families face juggling work and home life.  Most people don’t have the time or ability to spend 18 hours cooking a brisket to perfection.  With the uncertainty of lockdowns, we needed our food to be adaptable to the pandemic restrictions.  We found a way that we could deliver our food to our loyal customers and keep the quality we are known for. Our solution was to do cold food pickup and delivery, where we would prepare the food to its perfection, then quickly cool and Vac-Pack with our signature Mop sauce.  You can easily reheat and enjoy at your convenience. Our products can be kept in the fridge or freezer until you want to enjoy them. You can choose from our 6 pre-made meal kits or build your own BBQ from our a la carte menu. We are so excited that our family will be able to feed the community again!



Pat Riggins

Owner & Head Chef


Pat is a Red Seal certified professional chef, who prior to the pandemic, worked as a banquet chef at both the Brookstreet Hotel and the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.  Pat has been cooking authentic BBQ and cured meats for many years and has developed his own line of rubs and sauces.

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